Throwback Thursdays: Lunch at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Introducing one of the best, if not the best, restaurants in the world: the very renowned, famous and eponymously named Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. This three-Michelin starred restaurant was founded by none other than you-know-who, the most eminent chef today, well-known for his notoriously aggressive demeanour and foul-mouth in his TV shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Hell’s Kitchen. Well, to be fair, his achievement to date (currently holding more than 10 Michelin stars worldwide), and the respect he commands in the culinary world warrants him to be such an… ahem… jerk, to put it nicely. But I’m not complaining, as long as my food isn’t going to be assessed by him! What I want is to sample his masterpieces, and so I went down to his flagship restaurant somewhere in April this year.

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Lunch at Dishoom

Having heard many good things about Dishoom, my friend and I decided to drop by Covent Garden and try out the Bombay-cafe style Indian restaurant that had attracted long queues of diners for quite a while.

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Sushi at Hare & Tortoise

Chirashi Don
Chirashi Don

With the growing popularity of sushi, chain restaurants such as Wasabi and Itsu are popping up constantly and churning out boxes and boxes of preprepared sushi that is adjusted to the western taste. Hare & Tortoise is unfortunately no different.  Their extensive menu consists of the usual selections that have been popularised in the Western world, including the California Maki, Dragon Maki and Spider Maki, as well as varieties of ramen, rice and side dishes to appeal to the mass market.

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Street Feast at Hawker House

To see off the end of term 1, we decided to invite our members on a trip to Street Feast, an indoor night food market at Dalston Yard in the vibrant area of Hoxton and Shoreditch.

Inspired by the night food markets of the Far East, the variety of street food from across the globe combined with the buzz of foodie excitement and live music, not to mention a wide selection of hot cocktails, made for an eclectic atmosphere.

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