Brunch with Honey & Co.

To celebrate GastroSoc’s end of term and to configure what magical plans we have in store for you, our members, in the next term, we wandered down Warren Street to meet in a quaint, blue-tinged café, better known to its patrons as Honey & Co.

It’s a combination of East meet West with Middle Eastern themed cuisine on a pitta base, with carrot cakes that ooze walnuts and a rich icing to coffee in transparent glass. Perhaps, not the most mesmerising in appearance, Honey & Co. is a lovely place to eat some rather lovely food, especially with patisserie, while supping with those who love to laugh.

Now down to a more thorough review, the food.

We sampled quite a variety of the miniature menu, which lists around ten breakfast dishes each with an exotic name that compels your stomach to rumble, whilst also lifting a brow to the unknown. Darren’s choice of the spinach and herb lahma with egg and yoghurt sauce held subtle flavours complemented by the richness of the egg yolk. Meanwhile, Sonera tried the milk bun served with butter and orange marmalade. Now, ordinarily, any brioche like substance would be very well received, however, this bun was a tad too dry and not matched by a great marmalade so perhaps not the best choice on the menu.

Spinach, herb and egg lahma
Spinach, herb and egg lahma

Betty’s choice of the red pepper and pesto lahma with feta was a striking resemblance to a pizza without the oily cheese base, which made it a “healthier” choice for breakfast/brunch. The dough was wonderfully thick, and soft, whilst the red pepper topping was sweet and complemented the salty feta, although more cheese would have been appreciated. The accompanied yoghurt was rather strange since bread with yoghurt is not a common combination, but maybe that’s just my lack of experience with Middle Eastern cuisine…? The small side salad of red olives and cherry tomatoes was a refreshing accompaniment.

Red pepper, pesto and feta lahma
Red pepper, pesto and feta lahma
Bianca’s onion, spinach fritatta was not particularly exciting since we expected more sweetness from the onions, and it was overcooked which resulted in the chewy texture. This again was accompanied by yoghurt…
Onion, spinach fritatta
Onion, spinach fritatta

The coffee: beautifully presented but not particularly inspiring.

Flat White
Flat White

If you and your mates – tired of the good ol’ full English breakfast – are up early one morning trying to look for a unique take on breakfast or lunch, then do meander down to 25a Warren Street, a stone’s throw from UCL, where the Middle East meets London. They open doors at 7.30am, which is useful if you have morning classes.

Sonera, Darren, Betty and Bianca

Price: £4.5-6 for a breakfast item, £2.20 for a flat white

Rating: 3/5


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