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Sushi at Hare & Tortoise

Chirashi Don
Chirashi Don

With the growing popularity of sushi, chain restaurants such as Wasabi and Itsu are popping up constantly and churning out boxes and boxes of preprepared sushi that is adjusted to the western taste. Hare & Tortoise is unfortunately no different.  Their extensive menu consists of the usual selections that have been popularised in the Western world, including the California Maki, Dragon Maki and Spider Maki, as well as varieties of ramen, rice and side dishes to appeal to the mass market.

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Brunch with Honey & Co.

To celebrate GastroSoc’s end of term and to configure what magical plans we have in store for you, our members, in the next term, we wandered down Warren Street to meet in a quaint, blue-tinged café, better known to its patrons as Honey & Co.

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